Any situation demanding change of a patterned way of working can be thought of as a problem. Solving problems requires multiple skills. We need observation skills to see that there is a problem, analytical skills to identify what the problem is, resourcefulness to gather information regarding the problem, creativity to think of potential solutions, decision making skills to choose an appropriate solution and good project management capability to implement the solution. We endeavour to demonstrate to the participants of this workshop one such process for problem solving which will ensure that an objective strategy is deployed for every problem, whether it is individually faced or by a team of professionals.

After the program the participants should be able to understand and adopt a structured process for problem solving. Their analytical skills will be sharpened while finding the root cause of a problem and creative skills in finding its possible solutions. They will learn how to make judicious, objective decisions as part of a Group put together for the purpose of finding optimum, actionable solutions to problems.

The workshop would include:
1. Definition of a problem.
2. Questioning the problem.
3. 5 Whys to get to the root cause of a problem.
4. SCAMPER as a creativity tool to identify possible solutions.
5. Introduction to the six thinking hats of De Bono to create a process that will control the Convergent Thinking & Divergent Thinking activities required to solve a problem.
6. Decision making using a cost-benefit analysis.

What will you gain from this program?
1. Knowledge of the process of problem solving – Definition, Root Cause Analysis, Solution Finding and Solution Prioritising.
2. They will be able to appreciate that to find the real problem they need to dig deeper using questioning techniques.
3. There are several solutions to a problem if we look at it from different perspectives.
4. One should not get attached to owning a solution and must use Objective techniques like the De Bono six hats technique to decide on the best, implementable solutions.