Corporate India is united in the use of the English language as a medium of communication. A good command over this language enables users an edge over others.

To equip the trainees with skills that will enable them to communicate in the English language at a level higher than when they had started.
We can divide the English Language training program into:
a) Language Enhancement Training
This module is aimed at those who want to improve their current level of the language and get better at using the language.

  • Needs analysis and placement at the right level.
  • Rectify errors in grammar and re-learn the skills.
  • Construct grammatically correct sentences.
  • Vocabulary enhancement.
  • “Indianism” in the English language.
  • Improve written construction for better and clearer communication.
  • Reach the next level of language proficiency.

b) Business English Communication Skills Training
This module is aimed at those who want to use the language in a business situation.

  • Making business calls
    • Telephone etiquette .
    • Conference calling etiquette.
  • Written correspondence in business (each may be a separate module)
    • Email writing skills.
    • Report writing .
    • Executive summary.
    • Agendas and minutes of meetings.

What you will gain from this program:

  • Better language skills.
  • More confidence while using the language.
  • Clarity of thought and expression.