Presentations form a very important part of professional dealings. Strong presentation skills are the mark of good leaders. They are what will help advance your career and business! Whether you are an apprehensive housewife, a nervous student or someone who is considered a good speaker and presenter – this program will help you learn new skills and enhance your existing ones.
Speaking in public and giving presentations can be a daunting task. This Workshop is aimed at equipping trainees with abilities to overcome fear and speak with confidence in front of any number of people – be it 2 or 200! It will also help develop their personalities.

The workshop aims to equipping trainees with all the tools of the skill, and will cover:

  • Essential qualifications required to be a good presenter.
  • What is ‘Fear’ and overcoming fear.
  • Structuring the Speech.
  • Types of presentations.
  • Personal Dynamics – Posture, Gesture and Eye Contact.
  • Grooming and Personal Appearance.
  • Voice Improvement.
  • Create engaging Power Point Presentations.
  • Time management for impactful delivery.
  • Managing questions and audience.
  • Group Discussions.

What you will gain from the program:

  • Structure your presentation.
  • Know your presentation style.
  • Fine-tune your communication skills.
  • Improve your presentation style.